30 Days of Classroom Christmas Crafts and Gifts...Day 4: Christmas Tree Pots


Day 4:  Christmas Tree Pots

Picture from Not So Crafty Mom

I made these a few years ago on a smaller scale, but unfornately didn't take pictures!  I only used 2-3 sizes of pots starting with the smallest available size.  I also didn't put a base on my tree like this picture did.  My smaller tree turned out GREAT and was relatively inexpensive for the class (about $1 each).

  • terracotta pots in various sizes
  • green acrylic paint
  • pom poms (various colors, but enough yellow for everyone to have a "star")
  • liquid glue or hot glue
  1.  Paint pots green and allow to dry before assembly.
  2. Put a line of glue (liquid or hot glue) along the top of each pot that will be nested inside a smaller pot. 
  3. The bottom pot used as a stand is optional.  I've never made them with stands mostly because I'm trying to cut costs for a whole class.  If you choose to put on a stand you can either paint it brown or leave it the terracotta color. 
  4. Glue pom poms on as ornaments (see the TIPS for more ideas on ornaments)
  5. Glue on your "star" and YOU'RE DONE!
  • Other fun items for ornaments could be buttons, small foam shapes, beads, glitter, puffy paint, etc.
  • Be prepared for many layers of paint.  The terracotta is very absorbent!
Happy Crafting!!

Find all the crafting ideas on my Pinterest Board.

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