30 Days of Classroom Christmas Crafts and Gifts...Day 1: Glitter Ornaments

I've always loved those 30 days of... posts that people start on their blogs and I was thinking about what kind of crafts to do with my students this year and thought, "WOW there are so many wouldn't it be fun to compile them into a post or series?!"

So here we go!!

30 Days of Classroom Christmas Crafts/Gifts for Kids!

Day 1:  Glitter Ornaments

I made these AMAZING ornaments last year with my 2nd grade class and they had a blast!  Of course we did them in small groups while everyone else was watching a holiday movie and eating treats.  You can get a full tutorial at Plum Adorable.

Basically, you'll need:
  • clear ornaments
  • glitter (fine works best)
  • and Pledge floor wax (it comes in a blue bottle and little goes a LONG way)
  1. Take the top of the ornament off.
  2. Squirt a bit of Pledge into an ornament and swish it around until the entire inside is coated.
  3. Sprinkle glitter into the ornament, cover the hole, and *shake, shake, shake*.  
  4. Add more glitter as need until the entire inside is covered. 
  5. Dump out extra lose glitter.
  6. Put the top back on and VOILA!! 
  • Dixie cups work great for pouring in glitter and dumping out extra Pledge.  By squishing the sides they make a nice spout.  
  • Try to avoid getting bubbles in the Pledge by shaking too hard while coating with the liquid. 
  •  Wipe down the outside of the ornament with something alcohol based to remove sticky residue.
Happy Crafting!!

Find all the crafting ideas on my Pinterest Board.

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  1. I'm going to have to remember this one! I make an ornament every year with my class and I might have to do this one this year!


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