October Facebook Frenzy Weekend! (quick - grab your freebies now!)

A group of teacher/authors from Teachers Pay Teachers have collaborated to create various free fall themed downloads available via their Facebook pages.  Unfortunately I have not been able to participate this time around as I've not managed to find the time to create a business Facebook account, however it is near the top of my to do list!

My favourite resource in this frenzy is by Chrystine of Tweet Music.  Chrystine is an amazingly talented music and performance arts teacher.  She has recorded the song "Five Little Pumpkins" AND created a mini Halloween Math and Literacy Interactive Notebook resource (did I mention for free?)

photo courtesy of Tweet Music 

My two year old monster LOVES Chrystine's 5 Little Pumpkins song (which is perfect for teaching number concept) and has been bopping away to it all day!   The interactive notebook resources are beautifully made and well worth downloading if you are an early years teacher.  

If you wish to download Chrystine's frenzy resources (and many more from other teacher/authors!) simply click on the link below and find the "FB Frenzy" box located at the top right hand side of the page:

After downloading Chrystine's resource you will be directed to a link to the next frenzy item.

Happy downloading!

OkinawanGirl Lisa


  1. Chrystine's musical resources are great! I love that they hit on the theory of multiple intelligences to reach all learners.

    1. I agree, I envy anyone with musical talent. I couldn't record even a mediocre sounding song if my life depended on it! I also love how Chrystine integrates music with literacy and math, her students must love her lessons :-) I'm off to take a look at your blog now - thank you for following us!
      OkinawanGirl Lisa


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