Hello from Sydney, Australia!

My name is Kelly and I blog over at Little Green from Sydney, Australia! You may be familiar with some of our famous landmarks: the Sydney Harbour Bridge...

...and the Sydney Opera House!

As I'm sure you know, we are just coming out of winter and heading into spring here in Australia, so the weather has been warming up, my garden has been going crazy and we are preparing for a long, hot, dry summer!

As amazing as our city and its weather is, I'm much more excited by what is happening in our classrooms! I've been a primary (elementary) school teacher for ten years and have taught in classrooms across Sydney. What I love most about teaching is that 'aha!' moment, where a student finally grasps the concept I have been trying to teach them. I also love finding and creating the perfect materials to help my students get to that moment.

I'm so excited to be part of this terrific blog and I hope to share with you some great ideas that I have found helpful in my classrooms, as well as some freebies! To get the ball rolling on the freebie front, I wanted to let you know about my most popular Math freebie available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, which I hope you will find useful: my Place Value Mats.

In the pack, there are place value mats for two-digit numbers...

...three-digit numbers...

...and four-digit numbers.

If you're after place value mats for larger numbers, I have a resource for five, six and seven-digit place value as well, which just so happens to be on sale this weekend, along with everything else in my store!

There are plenty of other Math freebies available in my TPT store, as well as resources to buy, so have a look around while you are there.

Thanks so much for having me today, I look forward to coming back next month to share more with you from sunny Sydney!


  1. I have to say I'm jealous of your location! I previously lived and worked in Sydney - what an awesome city. I was offered the possibility of sponsorship but decided to return home to attend university.

    I love your place value mats and am looking forward to seeing your future posts.



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