Bar Model Drawing: Singapore Math

As I'm planning ahead for upcoming chapters I decided to post some bar model station activities I made last year.  Bar models were VERY hard for my kids last year, but that could have been partly due to my own inexperience with them.  I'm hoping I do a better job this year with explaining them!
Here are a few screen shots.  There are more and in their entirety on TpT!

Place Value Mats: Hundreds, Tens, Ones

I needed some new place value mats for my stations for next week, so I decided to make some and once I got started I figured I might as well make them for all the grades I teach (k-2) and also to help teach money this year!  Anyways, here they are!  They should be printed on legal sized paper and should be laminated so you can use dry erase markers with them.

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Number Bonds: Shake and Spill Game - Singapore Math

My students love this game!  They put counters in a cup and then dump them out.  They count how many land on red and how many land on white then fill in a number bond.  Take a look!

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Number Bonds: Subtraction! Math in Focus/ Singapore Math

So I was sitting here thinking, "WOW!  I'm ahead of the game.  I've got number bond activities covered...blah...blah...blah."  But then I remembered (don't judge me this is only my 2nd year with number bonds), number bonds also need subtraction sentences!!  DUH!!  So, here we are.  Number bond subtraction matching cards for all subtraction sentences from 0-10.  :)

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Number Bonds BINGO! Singapore Math

Told you I was working on number bond games and activities for my students!  Here's a BINGO game to use in centers or small group.  I made 10 different cards so 10 students can play at a time.  If anyone is interested in a full class set or different number combos let me know in a comment and I'll make one! 
Number Bonds BINGO
Number Bonds

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Number Bonds: Addition Matching Cards - Math in Focus/ Singapore Math

Last year we started using Math in Focus which is a Singapore Math based curriculum.  I really like it so far, but there was a huge learning curve for me.  Number bonds were confusing to me last year and as a result I didn't teach it very well.  We're starting the new number bonds chapter next week in 1st grade and I hope I can explain it better than I did last year.  I've been busy making some new number bond matching cards for station time.  I made cards for all the addition sentences with sums up to 10.  Take a look!

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**FREEBIE** Printable Name Tags for Desks!

One of the most popular things I've found people are downloading are my printable name tags!  I decided to make some new ones.  Honestly I couldn't think of anything all that exciting so please comment and let me know what you're looking for!  Here are some simple colorful name tags with numbers. 

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Kindergarten Math Journals

I started my kindergarteners with math journals this year.  I'm using spiral notebooks and everyday we get a new prompt and write, draw, color it together!  So far it's working really well and they're showing me some great things.  I print my journal prompts on return address labels and give each student a label when they're shown me they are on the right page (not the middle of the notebook).  I've been focusing on the basic colors, shapes, and patterns for now and I created a full set of prompts ahead of time to keep on top of things.  Here it is!

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Expanded Notation and Base-Ten Practice

Student practice different number forms by matching cards on a mat and also practice recording how to write the numbers.  Can't wait to play it next week!

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Place Value Cards: 1-100 Base Ten Blocks

I revamped my base ten cards for the new school year!  I now have a full set from 1-100 and working on higher numbers! 

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**FREEBIE** Math Manipulative Labels

I found some great manipulative labels over at KinderTastic.  I changed them up a bit, but here they are!

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Secret Code: Number Recognition

Number recognition can be tough and tedious.  This color by number takes it to the next level.  I used it with my kids today and 1st grade was definitely challenged (the beginning of the year) and second grade enjoyed themselves!  I'll be adding more pages to the download at many levels.  Since 2nd grade Common Core Standards go up to 1,000 I'll probably be adding a whole new file with just number charts with larger numbers and possible skip counting.  I'll keep you posted!!
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**FREEBIE** Missing numbers and Skip Counting

School started two weeks ago and I've been a little busy to say the least!!  I finally have some time to post a few of my latest projects!

Missing number charts are an easy station/center activity.  You can either laminate or put in plastic sleeves for dry erase or make copies to grade and gauge progress.

Ten pages are included in this file!

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Silhouette Cameo in the Classroom!

Who loves their Silhouette Cameo?  I DO I DO!!!  I got mine last Christmas and to be honest it sat in the box for a couple of months while I researched played with the software.  But this baby doesn't even make it back into the closet most days lately!  This fall I've used it for a lot of back to school items and thought I would share!  Don't forget about their educator discount!  You can get a new machine for $240 instead of $300 and everything else included replacement blades, mats, media, and even files (if you buy the bulk gift cards) is discounted!!  WORTH IT!!

I made all of my desk tags using the Silhouette software and then printed, laminated, and had my machine cut them out for me.  They're so cute!  I love them.

I also made number puzzles for my first graders to work on in math stations.  I'm excited to finish this project.  They've been created, printed, and laminated, but this weekend I'll actually do the cutting.

Of course I've also cut out random words and phrases for my bulletin boards and birthday chart and I'm excited to make tags for my silly straws in the Happy Birthday pot. 
If you're cutting laminated cardstock I found a good setting for your cut is
Speed:  5  Thickness:  33  Blade:  2  Double Cut
All of my cuts popped right off the mat with no problems!

If you want any of my Silhouette cut files in .studio just let me know and I'll email them over to you!

Note:  I used other peoples clipart for these files so not everything is mine (except the number puzzles).