Touch Point Math! Flash cards and Addition

With the help of our special education teacher I've started introducing touch point math to my special needs students.  I was introduced to the concept in college, but haven't really used it fully.  I want to incorporate it with some of my other struggling students as well and hopefully also add it in to my kindergarten curriculum (high expectations, right?)  Either way, I figured I needed a few things to get started like flashcards for the touch points while they're learning them and also some addition basics.

Do you use touch points in your classroom?  How have they worked for you?
Grab on TpT!

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  1. I use touch points! I love it, especially with my tactile learners! I teach it as a strategy, not as a "have to" and this approach has worked well. The ones who love it use it, and the ones who don't well you know;)
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