Kindergarten Number Recognition Unit

I just finished a LONG week of conferences and passed out the last of the report cards for the first quarter YAY!!!  Believe it or not it's OCTOBER!

For us, 2nd quarter means getting serious about number recognition in kinder.  We choose not to begin on day 1 with a strong numbers focus because most of our students just aren't ready for school yet.  They need to transition in and since we start the alphabet on day 1 all those characters floating around can be very confusing.  By 2nd quarter we've focused on 2D/3D shapes, patterns, graphing, and counting so we're definitely ready for numbers!

I was looking through my binders for number recognition activities and I just wasn't very excited about use "hand me down" printouts crocked with copier marks and just a mess.  I also wanted to try out some fun ideas I saw on Pinterest for number recognition using clothes pins (I would give credit, but I'm not sure who was the original ideas because I've seen in many many times) and a Lakeshore game using chain links or paper clips.  The Lakeshore game was nearly $20 and with tight budgets that wasn't going to work...  So, as usual I got busy making a few of my own.  Let me know what you think!

I'm tossing around some cut/paste number ordering and recognition pages as well.  Let me know if you have any great ideas for number recognition projects I could create and I'll send you a copy for free!  

Grab on TpT!

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  1. This is cute! My pre-k students would enjoy this (especially since we are working really hard right now on number and letter recognition).

    ~Diving Into Learning

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