Number Words!

 One of the first chapters in our 1st grade curriculum, Math in Focus, covers number words.  I find that a lot of kids have trouble spelling their number words.  I decided to make a few printables to help familiarize kids with their numbers and also hopefully help them learn to spell the numbers!  I plan on using these later in the year with kindergarten too.  Hope you like these!

I'm working on making more numbers including numbers by 10's and 100's for my second graders.  Let me know what you think!

Grab on TpT
This printable has numbers one through ten.  Enjoy!

NOTE:  I keep my printables simple!  Colored ink is expensive and we're not allowed to print in color from work computers.  I find it easier to make an attractive activity through font than to try to dress it up with clip art and color when most likely it'll end up being printed in black and white. 

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