Fantastic Fractions!

Hey all! Guess what we are learning about in third grade??

You guessed it...fractions!

Ok, ok. I know I sound way more excited that any one person should be about fractions. In fact, fractions are frustrating (for me and the kiddos) and they often lead me to feel like I should find an empty space on the brick wall and bang my head on it a few times.

However, I have found a few things that help make fractions a little more fun tolerable.

First off, have you seen this adorable book?

It does a great job of introducing fractional ideas, and I think it was fun to use at the beginning of our unit. The kids liked it and it's so cute! You can click the picture to snag a copy on Amazon.

We are using a Math Workshop model for the first time this year, so I've been looking for activities to help the kids practice fractions independently.

I found this amazing freebie by Michelle Walker that they can use in a small group to practice matching the fraction, the word and the picture. It is fun and cute! And FREE!

Spring fraction matching cards FREEBIE!

They have been using them to practice matching and using them as a memory-style game. They love it!

Last, but not least, I found a few online games that groups can use on laptops or the Smartboard.

This is a fun Angry Birds style game. It shows the kids a representation of a fraction and they have to line up the rock and fling it at the correct fraction! It's a big fave right now.

Fraction Booster has a few different levels. They have everything from splitting pizza into equal pieces to identifying fractions to putting fractions on a number line!

Dolphin Racing lets the kids race their dolphin by choosing the fraction with the highest value. You should hear the shouts when their dolphin is winning!

That's just a few of the games I found by Googling that my kiddos love! If you want a few more ideas, click {here}!

What great ideas do you have for teaching fractions??

Have a great week all!

The Craft of Teaching

The Craft of Teaching


  1. Thank you for some wonderful ideas! I am your newest follower. I love teaching math so this is perfect for me:)

    -Beach Teacher
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    1. Thanks for visiting and following! I hope you can find some great math ideas here!



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