Teaching Boards on Pinterest **UPDATED**

Raise your hand if you love Pinterest!  **ME! ME!! MEEE!!!!**

Pinterest is all the over the place these days!  You can find pretty much anything you're looking for or any tutorial you want.  I know there are times that I could have Googled (yes, I used it as a verb...) something, but rather clicked on over to Pinterest to see if I could find something with a more colorful, enticing link.  I loooooove pictures so any time I can search by pictures (btw, I almost always use Google images to find things) I do!

Anyways, back on track.  The longer that Pinterest is around the more I see some great organization going on.  People are creating more specific boards that help keep things neat and organized as well as help others looks for specifics find what they're looking for.  I have a few personal favorites when it comes to teaching Pinterest boards that I figured I would share.  I am in no way affliated with these boards or the owner.  I just like them :)

Favorite Boards to follow:

  • Cut and Paste projects - Everything on here is a cut/paste classroom activity.  I used to have a cut/paste center up at all times and I love the interaction the kids had.  P.S. They do get better at cleaning up if you're strict in the beginning ;)
  • Math for Kindergarten - With more than 3,500 pins there's always something fun popping up here.  I also like it because it's not exclusively posted on by TpT sellers, but also directs people to teaching blogs.
  • Fonts - Not exactly classroom related, but if you're into downloading and matching up cute fonts for classroom signs, projects, etc then this is a great resource.  I usually use dafont.com to search for the downloadable font.  Usually these "font collages" use the name of the font so you can find it easily.
  • First Grade Faculty - Run by the people over at FirstGradeFaculty.com this page is FILLED with resources and ideas.  
  • Deanna Jump - If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of Ms. Deanna Jump then JUMP on over to her board and see all of her great ideas.  She's truly an inspiration to any teacher!
  • Math Board - Not sure who the creator of this one is but HOLY COW 1,700+ math ideas and pins! (All by one person I might add!)
  • Math Classroom Ideas - This board is run by Charity Preston over at Teaching Blog Traffic School.  She's a wealth of information and a great resource!
And of course if you're curious what my Pinterest teaching board is like you can find it here.  I can tell you that I haven't NOT organized it as well as I should, but there are tons of fun teaching ideas on there.

**UPDATE**  I've created a collaborative Singapore Math board on Pinterest.  If you're interested in posting any resources to this board and seeing what other Singapore math teachers have found helpful then head on over to the board, follow, and leave your Pinterest address below and I will add you so you can start pinning away!!

Leave your favorite Pinterest board link in the comments.  It can be your own or one that you think is great!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I don't have a single math board, but currently have 108 boards devoted to a wide range of elementary (and some middle school) topics. As boards get big I make new ones, so this number will surely increase. All the items I pin are free. There are more than 5300 math pins, with more added each day as I work with inservice and preservice teachers.
    I hope you find these useful.

    I'm glad I found my way to your blog. I'll definitely be back!
    Bookish Ways in Math and Science


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