Substitute Teaching...the good, the bad, and the interesting!

Friday was my first experience subbing.  Since I've chosen to stay home with my son this year I've decided to sub now and then to keep myself up to date with what's going on in the classroom and to get a quick break from the daily grind as a stay at home mama.  I'm subbing only at the school I used to teach at and only on advanced (at least the day before) notice so it will be a little different that the traditional subbing experience with teachers call in sick 10 minutes before students arrive.

Friday I had the privilege to sub in a classroom with 3-5 math students.  I knew a lot of the kids from the past 2 years and most of the students remembered me from when I taught k-2 math.  Walking through the halls I felt like a celebrity.  Overwhelmed with hugs, hellos, and excitement from my old students!  It was pretty great actually :)

The day went pretty smoothly overall.  The kids were given their chapter tests to take and then had a few items to finish up since the unit was ending.  After that they were given a sheet to work on with partners.  It's amazing how different classes finished at such different paces!  5th grade, for example, was done with everything that was left for me in...30 minutes of a 90 minute class period.  4th grade was closer to an hour and 3rd grade took the whole time.

I'm excited to keep subbing and branch out to new grades and subjects, but if Friday is any indication I still love my little ones.  :)  I'm thinking that next time I'll come prepared with a "back up plan" for those kids that finish extremely early!  ...New ideas coming for emergency sub plans coming to my TPT store??  Maybe!!

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