Hello from California!

Hello to all!  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Nicole's website!  My name is Krista Mahan and I live on the Central Coast of California.  I am a newbie to this wonderful state as we only moved here a year ago.  I am originally from the mid-west (born in Ohio, most recently from Indiana) and a HUGE football fan (Go Ohio State Buckeyes!).  I have taught grades first through eighth for over 12 years now.  Most of those years were in third and fourth grades.  Math has always been my favorite subject to teach, even though I love to read!  My biggest interest is anything having to do with technology!  I love to tinker with new toys and find ways to incorporate those items into my classroom. 

When my family decided to move from Indiana to California, we decided I would stay home to help our two children adjust to life out here.  My son, who is 11, is autistic (PDD/NOS) and we were concerned about how the changes might effect him.  My daughter is 10 and we knew she would make friends easily, but that she would also miss her Indiana friends.  I loved to have the opportunity to be "mom" only rather than mom and teacher!  It has been a wonderful experience.  In fact,  I have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to stay home for now.  Besides being able to spend more time with my kids and help in their classrooms, I am also excited to jump into the blogging world.  I never seemed to have time for that before staying home.  A couple of months ago, I launched www.teachingmomster.com.  I like to be able to create materials for other teachers too, as I know how precious time is! 

I am excited to begin blogging on One, Two, Three:  Math Time and getting to know all of you! 

Krista (Teaching MOMster)


  1. Welcome Krista! So excited to have you here. Where in Indiana were you previously? I'm from Indiana as well (at least for the better part of my childhood). I lived in South Bend and went to Ball State University where I met my husband. He's from Kokomo. Anyways, it's great to have you aboard and I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Small world! We lived in Fishers, but my husband worked in Kokomo! :) I got my masters from Ball State as well.


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