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Measurement Centers

Spring and 2nd semester means a deviation from the basic number operations that rule the beginning of the school year.  I feel like we relax a little on those "skill and drill" addition and subtraction skills and get to have a little more fun!

Helicopters anyone??
What student doesn't love rulers.  If you let them have them in their desks they're quickly toys and often go flying across the room :)  Measurement stations and centers are one of my favorites to teach.  Mostly because kids love to measure anything and everything in sight so as long as you don't pass out those rulers too soon the kids are completely engaged!

I had some fun putting together some ruler clipart as well as some task cards for measurement centers.  The packet has 16 pages of activities.

Grab on TpT
Grab on TpT

More Touch Point Math! Subtraction and Addition

I've finally gotten around to adding a subtraction packet for touch point math.  You can find these both separate and together over at TeacherspayTeachers.  Some of the teachers that have already used these packets found that laminating these and using them in centers seems to be a good way of saving paper and changing up the "boring" (as my kids would say) pencil/paper approach.

Grab at TpT

Grab on TpT

Maternity Leave is almost OVER!!

Well, without meaning to it appears my blog has taken a break during my maternity leave as well!  It just seemed difficult to come up with something school related to blog about since it's been since BEFORE THANKSGIVING since I've been at work.  WOW!  That is a long time!!  Not to mention my sweet little baby is much more enticing than my laptop most of the time.

So, without further ado, meet Nolan:
This picture isn't the most updated, but definitely one of my favorites!  He was born December 3rd so he's nearly 2 months now if that's possible!!