Number Bonds Extra Practice

Last year I was I had a really hard time supplementing good number bond activities to reinforce our textbook during stations or independent work.  This year I've decided to just make some new ones!  We're working on missing numbers this week in first grade
  • __+3=5 
  • 8+__=10
  • 3+2=2+__
  • 5+1=6+__
The best way I've found to teach this is through our beloved number bonds!!  I swear, I've gotten so good at creating number bonds on the computer now that I could do it in my sleep!  Hope these can help some of you Singapore math cohorts. 

 Grab on TpT!

How do you feel about number bonds?  Do you like them?  Do you use them?  Do you supplement your math curriculum much?
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  1. Love that you post Singapore math resources! As you know, we're in the same boat! Thanks for posting all of your great resources.

    1. Your welcome! I posted a new number bond freebie as well if you're interested!

      Missing Numbers


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