Free Striped and Chevron Backgrounds

I helped my mom and dad move into their new house today by staying around while all of their things were delivered and tv/internet was installed.  Anyways, this gave me plenty of time to play/work on my computer!

After last week's attempt and win (I think) at designing my own blog I decided to fire up the Photoshop again and try something new.  I'm always looking for new backgrounds and chevron in my new favorite, but I can't ever find the color I want so I made my own!  Take a look and let me know what you think!
Grab for FREE on TpT!

Grab on TpT!

BTW, don't you love the new style for previews?  I found an awesome free app for my Mac, Picture Collage Maker Lite.  Pretty slick!  You've got to try it!
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