Oh my goodness I've been busy this week!  I feel like I've been neglecting my TpT store, blog, and everything else in this online community! 

Believe it or not but conferences are NEXT WEEK!!!  HOLY COW!  That combined with the beginning of the month means I've been running around like crazy preparing for report cards, conferences, October homework packets, behavior calendars, next week's station activities, etc, etc, etc...

So in short, I haven't forgotten about you all!  I'll be back soon with some new fun activities!
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Parent Volunteers

I decided to try utilizing parents at home to get prepared for my classroom. I had these packets prepared for our parent night but the turnout was so sad that I still have some left over. I'll probably send out and email again and ask for volunteers to cut out materials.

How do you get parents to help you out? Do you have a lot of involvement?

Free Striped and Chevron Backgrounds

I helped my mom and dad move into their new house today by staying around while all of their things were delivered and tv/internet was installed.  Anyways, this gave me plenty of time to play/work on my computer!

After last week's attempt and win (I think) at designing my own blog I decided to fire up the Photoshop again and try something new.  I'm always looking for new backgrounds and chevron in my new favorite, but I can't ever find the color I want so I made my own!  Take a look and let me know what you think!
Grab for FREE on TpT!

Grab on TpT!

BTW, don't you love the new style for previews?  I found an awesome free app for my Mac, Picture Collage Maker Lite.  Pretty slick!  You've got to try it!
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Kindergarten: Writing Numbers to 20

Who's excited about numbers?!?!  Ok, ok, not me...  I've been testing my kiddos and they're still struggling (as to be expected) with number recognition and writing numbers.  I made a set of pages to help us out along the way.  They include numbers 1-20.  Hope you can benefit from them as well!

There a two different sets:

One set has number words at the bottom for tracing.
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The other has a number chart instead since some people prefer to teach number words separately. 
 Grab on TpT!
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Number Bonds Extra Practice

Last year I was I had a really hard time supplementing good number bond activities to reinforce our textbook during stations or independent work.  This year I've decided to just make some new ones!  We're working on missing numbers this week in first grade
  • __+3=5 
  • 8+__=10
  • 3+2=2+__
  • 5+1=6+__
The best way I've found to teach this is through our beloved number bonds!!  I swear, I've gotten so good at creating number bonds on the computer now that I could do it in my sleep!  Hope these can help some of you Singapore math cohorts. 

 Grab on TpT!

How do you feel about number bonds?  Do you like them?  Do you use them?  Do you supplement your math curriculum much?
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New Design!! YAY!!

I decided my blog needed a new look.  I searched far and wide for the perfect look and to be honest I just couldn't find it!  Some were to busy, some were just ugly...  I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands!  Instead of waiting 3 billion years to get onto someone's waiting list to pay for them to update my blog I did it myself!  That's right, ME!  The whole thing is mine.  :)  I'm pretty proud if I do say so myself!  Of course I'll keep updating it and fixing little things here and there, but in the meantime let me know what you think!  

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Songs in the Classroom!

Last year I started using a lot more music in my classroom for teaching rather than just background noise or brain breaks.  I loved the songs I found on YouTube from HarryKindergarten and was able to find a site to download just the mp3 part so I could put it on my iPod.

This year I've changed it up a bit.  I decided that playing the whole video that goes with the song daily (instead of just on special occasions) from my projector holds the kids interest better and gives them a bigger visual since the songs are paired with great videos that show numbers, shapes, and whatever else they're singing about.

Here comes the semi disaster part of my post.  Despite warnings from other teachers I'd been showing these videos directly from YouTube.  No big deal, right?  ...Well, even with the greatest filters in the world YouTube advertisements that show suggestions for next videos can't be filtered.  Needless to say I got some WEIRD suggestions that were not the most appropriate for kindergarteners...

Since then I found a site to download the videos to my desktop (KeepVid) to eliminate that problem and it's actually proved easier in the long run!  (YAY!  I love easier).  I made playlists for all my videos in Windows Media Player so that I can just click "Play All" on my "Kindergarten Morning Songs" and all my songs play!  And then when I'm ready for my shape songs, BAM, there they are!  I know, I know we all use playlists in our regular music/video life, but for some reason this was something so exciting for me in my teaching life!  Haha, crazy, I know. 

Anyways, here are some of my favorite videos/playlists for my kiddos:

I Can Count to 100
Whatcha Gonna Do (skip counting 2's, 5's, 10's)
Count Down from 20
Let's Get Fit! (Count to 100)

3D Shapes I Know
2D Shapes I Know

How do you use music and songs in your classroom?  I'd love some suggestions on new videos to use!

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Kindergarten and 1st Grade Fall Math Centers/Stations

Fall is here!!  Down here in Arizona "fall" means it's no longer 100 degrees every single day.  Today the high was only about 90!  It was beautiful outside!!  To celebrate I'm posting my new fall stations :)  The mini unit includes:  Halloween secret number chart, pumpkin number bonds, number word matching, candy corn activities to compare numbers, and MORE!  There are 10 pages of activities included.
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Giveaway!! Math GALORE!

Have you been eying the place value mats or thinking about making some yourself?  If you head over to Peacocks and Penguins this week you'll have a chance to win them PLUS lots of other fun math activities.  She's celebrating her 200 follows by giving away TONS of great things all week! 

Number Bond Trees! Singapore Math

We're still working on number bonds!  After the test my firsties took last week I decided to keep the number bonds going through the next chapter (addition).  Our book drops number bonds and expects that the kids will know how to utilize them later...which seems silly to me!  I came across an idea for number bond trees that connect multiple number bonds together to make a "tree" of number bonds!  Here's by version!  I have 10 different trees in each style.

Grab on TpT!

Teaching Giveaway!!

Doesn't everyone LOVE giveaways??  Peacocks and Penguins is having a Giveaway this week (ends Saturday)!  Want to join in on the fun?  Go over to her page and enter now!

Here's what she's offering so far:
  • 1 TPT store item of your choice from me at Peacocks & Penguins
  • 1 TPT store item (tbd) from Chrissy at "Buzzing with Ms. B"
  • Word Wall Cards from Christina Bainbridge at "Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge"
  • 2 1 Coffee Cozy of your choice from Staci at "Going Nutty in First Grade" Etsy Shop
  • Block Out Addition Boards from Amanda at The Teaching Thief
  • 1 TPT store item of your choice from Tara at 4th Grade Frolics

Number Bond Story Problems Artwork

Wednesday our day started with no electricity at school!  What a way to start a week from a 4-day weekend (for the kids, we had in-service Tuesday)!!  We called all of the parents and about half of our kids were picked up before the power finally came back on.   This completely changed my day!  I didn't want to give a test with only 8 kiddos in 1st grade, so I decided to wing it (don't you love those days??).  Another teacher across the hall pulled out some of her random sorting materials from teaching kindergarten and had her students make a picture and number bond to go with it.  The kids LOVED it!  And it really seemed to solidify number bonds for those 8 little ones.  I decided to make a few 10+ projects around the same concept for upcoming stations.  If you're interested they're available on TpT!

**Freebie** Binder Covers

Getting somewhere!! Binders are 75% done! Yay! Grab the covers for FREE at TpT!

Organizing in Process!!

I'm finally getting around to organizing last year's stations and, boy, do they need some work!! I'll be remaking a lot of these in the coming weeks and hopefully posting them to share.

My method for organizing is using page protectors and binders sorted by topic. I thought about doing it by grade level since I teach 3 grades but the items I use at the beginning of 1st grade end up being perfect at the end of kinder!

More updates to come!

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10% off Teachers pay Teachers Sale!

It's Labor Day Weekend!! Who doesn't love the first 3 day weekend of the school year? To celebrate I'm throwing a sale on all my TpT items. 10% off through Labor Day! :) My weekend plans include:
  • A quick trip to Treasures4Teachers to get some binders for station organizing. (DONE)
  • Mulching the backyard flower beds.
  • Finishing up stations for the next few weeks.
 What are your plans for the weekend?

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