Silhouette Cameo in the Classroom!

Who loves their Silhouette Cameo?  I DO I DO!!!  I got mine last Christmas and to be honest it sat in the box for a couple of months while I researched played with the software.  But this baby doesn't even make it back into the closet most days lately!  This fall I've used it for a lot of back to school items and thought I would share!  Don't forget about their educator discount!  You can get a new machine for $240 instead of $300 and everything else included replacement blades, mats, media, and even files (if you buy the bulk gift cards) is discounted!!  WORTH IT!!

I made all of my desk tags using the Silhouette software and then printed, laminated, and had my machine cut them out for me.  They're so cute!  I love them.

I also made number puzzles for my first graders to work on in math stations.  I'm excited to finish this project.  They've been created, printed, and laminated, but this weekend I'll actually do the cutting.

Of course I've also cut out random words and phrases for my bulletin boards and birthday chart and I'm excited to make tags for my silly straws in the Happy Birthday pot. 
If you're cutting laminated cardstock I found a good setting for your cut is
Speed:  5  Thickness:  33  Blade:  2  Double Cut
All of my cuts popped right off the mat with no problems!

If you want any of my Silhouette cut files in .studio just let me know and I'll email them over to you!

Note:  I used other peoples clipart for these files so not everything is mine (except the number puzzles).


  1. I love all of you cameo ideas! I am still learning the ins and outs of using mine! I've already cut a lot of vinyl for labeling things in my classroom, but I love your nameplates and number puzzles. If I could get a copy of that I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

    Brandy Speake

  2. I am debating on buying one. I keep trying to figure out if I will use it enough to make it worth it.

  3. I love my cameo. I am always looking for things to do. I would love a copy of your silhouette files.

  4. I am trying to decide if I should buy one. I have a Cricut, but the print and cut option on this intrigues me. I print a lot of stuff from Teachers Pay Teachers. Would it be able to cut out what I print from them?

  5. I love the idea of cutting puzzles for math stations! If you could email me the files I would really appreciate it and put them to good use. Thank you!

  6. Here in South Africa we don't get teachers discount...and our rand dollar makes Silhouette quite expensive for us. After 16 years at home with my own kids I am back teaching again...yay..and treated myself to a Cameo. My new favourite toy. I would love your cut files for my classroom...maybe use your desk tags for our lockers. Thanks so much


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