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A Busy Bee That's Me! 2011-2012 Bumblebee Theme

Welcome to my classroom!  A Project CHILD first year room!

My homeroom kids are second graders and our cluster has a theme of Busy Bees!  If you're unfamiliar with Project CHILD a cluster is a group of 3 teachers (writing, reading, and math) that have homerooms of three grade levels (kindergarten, first, and second) that switch between teachers throughout the day with their subject areas.  There are also grades 3-5 clusters.  Our particular school has 3 primary cluster and 3 intermediate clusters. 

Above my board I decided that my classroom bee, "Zippy", would enforce our classroom rules. 

Here's a front view of the room that shows my station assignment boards below my whiteboard for each grade level.  Students names are on magnets and they are assigned to a station and as they finish they move their name before going to a new station.
 Here's our cluster's standard voice level monitor.  Mouse voices are most appropriate for station work.  :)

Below you can see part of my station buckets.  Kindergarten uses all red buckets, first grade uses yellow, and second grade uses blue.  Students are responsible for retrieving materials and returning them to their proper place.